Club Penguin Island Release Date!

Hello Penguins,

There goes the old saying: As one door closes, another one opens... Today I'll be adding THE VERY NEXT DAY to the end of that quote. Why?

Thanks to Foodtrekker, who pointed this out to me, Engadget has done an article about the closure of Club Penguin and the transition to Club penguin Island, which you can check out in the link above. Why did I mention this? Hold on, I'm getting to it! The article states March 29th as the date for the world wide release of Club Penguin's successor. This date may have been made aware to the news site due to a press release, in which Disney/ Club Penguin gave Engadget some exclusive information on the new game!
After 11 years online, Disney's kid-friendly social network Club Penguin will shut down at the end of March, to be replaced by a new mobile-only version called Club Penguin Island. [...] When it launches on March 29th, Club Penguin Island will carry over the same philosophy to a new standalone mobile with an updated look plus new features, games and quests to engage with.
March 29th makes sense as the date that Club Penguin Island is released to the world. As Club Penguin will be closing that same day, I would expect the audience (that haver a compatible device) to have a place to go to after it's closure. What ever the case, I suggest getting a box of tissues for this day... And every day up until then.

What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!



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