Mascot Madness: Rookie

Hello Penguins!

Here's a little bit of info on Rookie, *cut out for security reasons* -and avid rubber ducky lover. I was able to interview him and ask a couple of questions...


What is your name? My name is Rookie. I'm- *turns off microphone*
What is your occupation? *turns on microphone* and the Comm Leader for the EPF. *sighs* So basically what that means is that *cut out for security reasons* - with Jet Pack Guy. 
What's your favourite day and why? It would have to be the 12th of January, because it's NATIONAL RUBBER DUCKY DAY! You had that marked on your calendar, right?! Anyway, I went on a vacation with my pal Squeaks to Rubber Ducky Village. I wished I could have stayed longer, but my pal was in another state. It was squeaking a lot... I think it was jealous! But don't say that in the final post. Oops... 
How's your friendship with Jet Pack Guy going? It's been wonderful, thank you for asking. We went to a desert on a far away island a few weeks ago and got ice cream. He left his Jet Pack on, which was left facing me, and my cold treat melted. I was upset. I STILL AM. *cries* *gives Rookie tissues and ice cream* Aww thanks! IT'S MELTING AHH TURN OFF THE STUDIO LIGHTS! *turns lights off* Loud bang outside I think I turned off the lights on the outside of the building too. Oops! 
Any last words you want to say to your fans? Stay cool! Although it might hard to do that because you're fans. ALSO: If a jug says HUGS, do not get it, it may be BUGS. AND always check the quantity of products you order: I added an extra zero on an anvil order, and boy were the results catastrophic! Luckily the repercussions weren't to bad... We had a party!
That was interesting! He had to answer an important call. I wonder who it was from...

Anyway, here is his current player card;

I would love to hear your comments below about whether you enjoyed this interview or not!



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