Fashion on Club Penguin Island

Hi Penguins,

Ever wanted to be a dragon? Wear a onesie?  Even be a penguin in a tuxedo? Use the clothing customiser! The clothing customiser is a feature on Club penguin Island which allows you to create your own outfits, which patterns and decals, which are unique to YOU!

To get started, waddle over to Change Rooms and press the orange action button. 


Welcome to THE Designer! It's the fashion hub of the game if you ask me. When the screen loads you will be greeted with your closet. From here you can choose what items to wear, delete, and create.

This item is earned from completing a particular mission...

You can also select the tabs at the bottom of the screen which categorise your view to items of the same type. For example, all body items, shoes, etc.

SO. MANY. HAIR. STYLES. That last one looks a bit like Sensei's hat...

Tap the create button to make your own styles. This is one of the many ways to show off your uniqueness on our snowy-tropical-temperate island!

More customisable clothing will unlock as you level up and progress through the game.

To create a custom item, simply tap the deep blue coloured icon on any tab which says "Create".

From there, simply select a customizable item, and then the choose button that follows! Be sure that you have enough coins to create the item... You don't want to spend time customising one, and then at the end realise that you have insufficient funds to purchase it for your closet! That'd be a bit embarrassing...

Welcome to the fin-tastic Clothing Customiser! Scroll through the fabrics and find one that you like... Drag it onto the (dummy) penguin, but don't un- hold it for the moment! Where the fabric covers is it's end placement... You can move it around to fill in another section.

Each outfit has different sections, so you can put a different fabric on the sleeves, rims of the outfit, etc. Use as many fabrics to make your dream clothing item! In my case, hoodie.

Press the blue icon below the penguin. Welcome to the decals section of the customizer!

Drag one to the hoodie. I'll place mine here. You can always move it around later.

Next to the decal/ fabric button, to the right of that, there are buttons which change the decal from being a... Single image... To a pattern! How cool is that?! Very. Very cool indeed.

Use the slider on the left to enlarge the size of the decal...

... And the slider on the right to change the direction it is goes! The same can be done for fabrics.

Once you're done customising, click the tick to the left of all the decals. Press buy.

... And the item is added to your closet!

Simply click your new design to wear...

... And the trash icon icon to delete any! You can find that in the same place the tick was earlier in this post.

Press the red tick to delete the item permanently.

Was it deleted? No body will ever know. I forgot. I think...



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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