Activities on Club Penguin Island

Hi Penguins!

One of the many things penguins can do on Club Penguin Island are activities. There are SO many of them to do in the game, that I won't be able to cover them all in this post! So, without further ado, here are 20 of them. 

At the Sea Caves, swim over to the Race Course and take some penguin pals for a ride!


After all that work, head to the shell chairs below the circuits' entry for a well deserved nap.

I hope the clam doesn't close on me...

Next, it's time to PARTY PARTY PARTY! If you can navigate through the caves, you'll come to the Party Submarine. See if you can get the disco ball to come alive ;)


Going to one of the more challenging spaces to navigate, the Crab Den offers rewards to any penguin who manages to reach the end of the narrow, fire and crab infested corridors.


Ever wanted to be a Club Penguin Island royalty? Make your way to the Throne Room and sit on the biggest regal furnishing there! That's the throne. Proclaim your connections to the most important penguins on the island!

Stop by to Coconut Cove, and share stories by the campfire with friends. I'll start...

Why not ride the Zipline? There are many around the island, and if you find yourself a pro at it, you might be asked for some advice on the topic from one of the most important penguins on the island!

*Features shown above require a membership

Welcome to THE platform. Why the emphasis? It's THE only space on the island where you can chill with your friends on some beach towels. Yep. Beach towels. Why not hold a party here?

In the mood for some action? Head east to the airbag. Grab some penguins and see who can go the highest!

Such views

If you're more the musical type of penguin, go north east! Head to the stage and grab an instrument. The more penguins, the bigger the effects! What instrument will you choose?

Membership required!

If you're after some peace and serenity, the cove has you covered! The Lazy River is on of the most indulgently relaxing places on the island. Simply wear a tube, and let the current take you around the space!

Next stop: Beacon Boardwalk! Up for some fishing? Of course you are! Grab a fishing rod and make some catches. How many coins can you make in a day? The most you could possibly make is 450 coins.

Order UP! The Foodtrekker sells some of the finest cuisines on the island. From the fin-tastic fishburger to everyone's favourite beverage, coffee, this market is your one-stop shop for everything!

Looking to be a pirate? Head to the migrator. From mopping the deck, waddling around and keeping the island safe, Rockhopper won't let you sit around idling! ... Unless he's guarding his pile of stinky cheese. He calls in gourmet. I call it other things...

Shoot your self out of a canon... Literally! Luckily the landing is on water...

As my penguin is saying, it's trampoline time! The Welcome Plaza transforms into this, as well as a Dance Floor, and a volley Beachballs, as per the count down above the Welcome Hut.

In the mood for riding on a waterslide? Of course you are! Grab a tube, and make your way down the contraption. Get ready for the big jump. BRACE FOR IMPACT!

After all that fun you've had, refresh your body in the hot tub. Don't you feel better already? Ultimate relaxation... Until it rains. *Sighs*

What are your favourite activities on the island? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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