2016 in Review!

Hi Penguins,

Here is my review of 2016. Enjoy!

Prehistoric Party 

In January we said goodbye to flashing lights and snow, and went back in history! At the Prehistoric Party, we used the time traveller to travel into the past to dig up power fragments. This was done to make up a new power source for the UFO, as following on from the events of Operation Crustacean.   

In total, 14 rooms were decorated, the majority of being being the prehistoric rooms. You were able to dig up power fragments in Dino Dig, which was great replay value. It was also possible  to transform into a dinosaur. I remember running away from dinosaurs in January all those months ago!

In February, we stopped Herbert's plans of destroying the island, with the stolen UFO's power source. Herbert terrorised the island by shrinking penguins, blasting rooms and re-colourising the island. Luckily, we were able to stop Herbert's plans from going further in the Cave Maze!

5 rooms were decorated, as well as the 12 rooms in the Cave Maze. New items unlocked after a new stage of Herbert's plans were reached. At the end of the operation, we had to navigate a maze and unplug the contraption Herbert was using to destroy the island we all know and love, Club Penguin.

Review score: 44/60. This is also 73%.

Puffle Party

In March, we celebrated our love for the furriest creatures on the island, Puffles! We played hide and seek with the most popular ones around the island. For doing that, we were rewarded with some fin-tactic items that looked very similar to them, for members and non members.

There were a total of 12 rooms decorated. Every day a new hide and seek challenge unlocked for us to complete. As well as that, we could transform into puffles. Each day was dedicated to one of our furry creatures with the Town, Snow Forts and Plaza having balloons and banners to reflect this.

In April, we ventured into the Wilderness and found a place very close to Sasquatches heart! We tracked Sasquatch through the wild with the many clues he had left behind, and found his village. It was an enchanting, magical and amazing experience. Sasquatch also became known as "Sam" from this point in Club Penguin's history.

There were a total of 9 rooms decorated, 2 of these being brand new. The rest were from the wilderness maze, which were last used in 2011. A new challenge unlocked every few days which had us finding clues in the wilderness to earn an item. These items were exclusive to members! 

In May, we gave a warm welcome to Zootopia! We wondered in awe as our snow covered island transformed into the biomes of the Disney film. There were also costumes available for members to collect; So you could dress up and be Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and many of the other main characters of the movie!

Throughout the course of the party, there were 8 decorated rooms and 12 items for members to collect. They were all new, of course. Everyone was able to visit the decorated rooms, some of which were completely transformed, such as the Snow Forts, while others such as the Forest had a different approach in its decoration!

In July, Finding Dory swam its way to the island, which was transformed to fit the scenes and themes of the Disney movie. Throughout the month, we helped Dory complete challenges, finding objects, which in turn jogged her memory to begin her journey back home.

There were 5 fin-tastically decorated rooms for us to explore, one of these being an under water party room, a reef, from one of the scenes from the film. 10 items were available for penguins to collect, 3 of these being for non members, after doing daily challenges of collecting items to refresh Dory's memory.

In July, we gave another warm welcome to our friends from Arendelle! At the third Frozen party, we completed challenges and got some cool items for doing so! With the power of the love heart, rooms were "melted" and the ice which covered them as apart of the party decorations fell off to give off a summer side.

There were a total of 8 decorated rooms, all from the previous Frozen parties. 26 items were available to collect, 10 of these being for non members, after completing each of the challenges which involved finding snowflakes in decorated party rooms. On top of that, there were 6 free items for members to collect, as well as an igloo for everyone. These were from the previous Frozen Parties also.

In October, we celebrated the 11th Halloween Party, where we trick or treated around the island. We went collecting spectral sweets, fang fudgies and ghostly gummies to power the Monster Maker 3000, which allowed us to transform into the scariest monsters the island has ever seen! 

Also held during the month was the 11th Anniversary Party. Everyone was able to collect the 11th Anniversary Hat and Background, and celebrate at the Town and Coffee Shop, the decorated rooms of the mini event.

There were 25 items to collect (2 of these were for non members, the anniversary items), from completing the challenges of finding sweets every few days. Many of those items were brand new. There were also 28 decorated rooms, these all being from previous parties of this annual event. 

Music Jam 

In November, penguins across the island chorused the arrival of the Music Jam! At this musical event, penguins collected autographs from the island's most famous choreographers, musicians, singers and dancers. Everyone could play on the stages scattered across the island, and watch performances at the Snow Forts as well.

There were 19 decorated rooms, including the cruse ship rooms, which haven't been seen for at least 2 years. Every three days, a challenge unlocked for us to collect an autograph from a penguin. From that, non members could collect a pin, whilst members could collect a bonus body item. Members were also able to collect 9 free items from the interface.

Holiday Party 

December came around fast, which brought along with it the Holiday Party! Penguins across the globe donated coins to support the Coins for Change campaign, which helped support projects in real life which would help real people.

Along with 31 decorated rooms, penguins were able to collect items from the holiday calendar, up until December 25. Many of these were brand new, and non members were able to collect some of them as well. Everyone could join in on the activities, such as tree decorating, which would contribute coins to the Coins for Change count which everyone was working towards.

Review score: 46/60. This is also 77% 

With out further ado here are the parties ranked order, 1 being the best.

#10 - Frozen Party (66%)
#9 - Zootopia Party (66%)
#8 - Prehistoric Party (68.5%) * Score upped by a percent: I think it deserves it with its great storyline.
#7 -  Finding Dory Party (69%)
#6 - Puffle Party (72%)
#5 - Operation Tri-umph (73%)
#4 - Music Jam (74%) * Score upped by a percent: I think it deserves it with the classic rooms brought back!
#3 - Halloween Party (75%)
#2 - Wilderness Expedition (77%)
#1 - Holiday Party (78%) * Score upped by a percent: I think it deserves it with the amount of returning rooms and new items to collect!

Other prominent events of the year include the announcement of Project Super Secret, the departure of Spike Hike, the layoffs of staff and closure of Club Penguin's UK Office.

Do you agree? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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