Treasure Hunt: Secrets of the Emerald

Hi Penguins!

Yesterday I was playing a few rounds of Treasure Hunt with Blizzard7777. (If you're reading this Blizzard, "Hello!").

Actually a few is a bit of an understatement. We played A LOT more than a few. In a few of those, however, did we find the rare emerald. I managed to capture our discoveries;

These emeralds were found in the short span of an hour, some only being a few minutes apart. Maybe they're twins or triplets? Yeah, its fine to play an hours worth of treasure hunt. All my earned coins were going to charity! In total 8 were found.

The all important question; How and why? What is the secret to getting the emerald? The secret is luck. On one day, you might play for five hours and get three emeralds. On another, five games would give you three emeralds, and possibly in a row. There is no logical probability. The next closest conclusion might include the server and pit of sand you are in, but then again, there isn't enough evidence to prove that.

Thanks again to Blizzard7777 who played an hours worth of games of Treasure Hunt with me.  Our score of emeralds is what inspired this post.

What other theories do you have? I'd love to hear them.



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