Save the tree: Teamwork at the Iceberg!

Hi Penguins!

Yesterday, I logged onto Blizzard and had some fun. Across my encounters on the island, I went to the Iceberg to support a Save the Trees campagin, in which the aim was to make the tree at the Iceberg the biggest it could be!

One thing I've never really thought about, however, was how many penguins it took for the tree to "upgrade". I figured out there were five stages of the tree's growth to get to the biggest it could be, and a certain number of penguins were needed for the tree to upgrade or downgrade.. 

Stage 1: 1 - 2 penguins are required for the tree to be at it's starting position. SO only you! And someone else.

Stage 2: 3 - 6 penguins are required on the Iceberg for the tree to upgrade and stay in its second stage. Any less and it gets a DOWNGRADE.

Stage 3: 7 - 9 penguins are needed to be present on the Iceberg for the tree to upgrade and stay in the third stage of its growth.

Stage 4: 10 - 13 penguins need to be on the berg for the tree to obtain and maintain its second largest growth.

Stage 5: 14+ penguins need to be on the Iceberg for the tree, once a tiny shrub, to be in its biggest stage of growth.

We really did get our message across about saving trees too! Teamwork is the key to LOTS of things on Club Penguin.

A BIG thank you to Gelado78208 for answering my plea on Twitter for penguins to come join ion the efforts, and Blizzard7777 for coming up with the whole idea. 

I also would like to acknowledge Asdf Lu for coming up with one of the quotes of the month; YAY ENVIRONMENT, which suits the save the trees gathering. I'd also like to thank them trying to calm me down in my efforts to make the tree get to its full size.

I really hope you found this post interesting! What are your thoughts on this?

I would love to hear your comments below about your thoughts on this tree.



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