Santa's Journey Home!

Hi Penguins!

My Merry Walrus outfit was at the dry cleaners. It had some oily stains on it from the food fight I had with some penguins a few days ago. Good times- BUT such a bad timing! I know... SO, I've decided to base this post on Santa's Journey Home instead of the island's friendliest walrus!

Santa was making his way to Santa's Workshop when he decided to take a short cut to it that he heard rumours about.

He then landed in the Boiler Room, which to his discovery found it decorated in Holiday decorations!

He then made his way to the pool...

... And noticed his good friend Fluffy the fish!

He then went and had a selfie with him. I wonder if Fluffy noticed!

Waddling right towards the mine, he found THAT room decorated room too!

He then trudged along, and got lost- Into Hidden Lake. Well, not so hidden anymore for poor LOST Santa Clause!

He noticed some gates...

... Well sorta and sorta not, Santa! They weren't the new kind he was looking for...

Santa eventually found his way back home, and continued preparing for his journey of delivering presents to penguins across the globe!

Well, I hoped we ALL learnt something new from this post... Especially that a few rooms that weren't usually decorated were for this event.

What was your favourite part of the post? I would love to hear int he comments below!



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