Rockhopper Adventure: Episode 5 - A Cursory Look

Arr, penguins!

When you are ready, head over to the Migrator to see Rockhopper.

Click on the "!" icon.

Tap "Start Adventure" at the bottom of the screen to begin your fifth Rockhopper quest.

MORE CURSES! Tap through the dialogue once read.

Go to Aunt Arctic by the Welcome Plaza and press the orange button.

Continue to tap through the dialogue once read. Collect the recipe.

I hinted to him... But then he risked my penguin life of a curse!

Yippee theres a cure! Well... Sorta.

There are two areas on the island that have beaches that I know of... Hmm

Waddle down to Coconut Cove in front of the stage to pick up a Conch. Press the orange action button when you're close to it, and collect it.

Waddle back to  Beacon Boardwalk to the picnic space behind the Water Slide to pick up O Berry Jam. Press the orange action button when you're close to it, and collect it.

That symbol looks familiar...

Go to the Fishing area in the same space to get some Fish Blobber. Press the orange button.

... Press the button again to place your line into the water ...

When something catches your line, continuously tap the orange button that lit up with the tugging of your line until it reaches the surface.

Ta-da! Collect your Fish Blobber. I'd avoid touching it, though. Eww...

Next, swim and waddle your way to the Sea Caves to collect a Pearl. Look for clams and use the dash button to snatch a pearl from its it... Look out for them!

There is a clam at the start of the Race Track

Collect the pearl.

Next waddle and swim your way to the Campfire by the caves. Press the orange button when you reach it.

Tap through the dialogue once read.

With a touch of ma-gic, ev-ery-thing combines!

Watch your creation fly!

My creation can fly... But why cannot I?

Eek! Make your way to the Migrator.

Err... Ho dear! Tap through the dialogue. Zipline your way from the station behind the Water Slide to the specified location. That sounded like I was like *cut out for security reasons* haha.

Collect the conch by clicking the orange action button when you go near it.

Of course Captain! Tap through the dialogue.

Go to Rockhopper and press the orange action button.

Rockhopper looks a bit loved up! Maybe he'll get some stinky cheese next. Or maybe not... It was the cure.

Yippee! Continue tapping through the dialogue.

After that, you're done! You've completed the adventure, and get some new customisable options, coins, and XP points, meaning that you'll level up!

really hope you enjoyed this guide.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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