Rockhopper Adventure: Episode 4 - Shell Game

Arr, penguins!

When you are ready, head over to the Migrator to see Rockhopper.

Click on the "!" icon.

Tap "Start Adventure" at the bottom of the screen to begin your fourth Rockhopper quest.

Oh my! Riddles. *Gulp* Not sure if they're my thing... Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Aye aye, Captain! Collect the riddle. Hmm... How will I solve this one...

I'll try a spot by the hot tub... Oh hey an X! I AM AN EXPERT AT THIS!

Go into Your Inventory > Gear > Jackhammer to dig out the x. Use an action also. These are the small buttons in the bottom right hand corner.


Click the orange button to open the chest. 

Collect the old papers. Not that you have any choice not to!

Tap once you've read the dialogue.

Another riddle...  This all seems so easy!

Thanks for this hint Rockhopper! Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Make your way to Coconut Cove to the Campfire.

Here's the X!

Yay! Now use the jackhammer to dig on the X.


Ta-da! Now click the orange button.

Collect the items. 

I share your feelings Rockhopper. ANOTHER RIDDLE?! This mental workout just got harder. Keep tapping the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Hmm... Aunt Arctic might be able to solve these. Although she isn't here... So that plan forming in my head just got kicked out of my brain, and went out the window!

Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Make your way back to Beacon Boardwalk and go to the area behind the entry to the water slide.

A red symbol is there... X marks the spot! Get digging by using your jackhammer. Actually its more like the modern version of digging. We don't have a shovel! 

Tap the orange button.

Collect the map pieces.

Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Click the orange button once you're close to the Captain.

We're so close to finishing this mission! Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Puzzle time! Let's put the map together.

... Which by the power of magic joins together! 

Ta-da! Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Ohh! Treasure at the Sea Caves. RUN!

Quickly waddle to the Sea Caves... Head straight to Coconut Cove.

Dive into the water.

Take the Party Submarine exit. The underwater just got attributed with a land road quality. Mind. Blown.

There you are, treasure! Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

Collect the Treasure Chest.

... Then pick up the chest using the orange button! Not sure what happened there.

Swim to surface to get back to the Migrator, by using the Go to Surface button above the orange action button we all too frequently use.

Press the orange button when you reach Rockhopper.

Oh my gosh Rockhopper! it's unimaginable what lies in the chest. Tap the screen once you've read the dialogue.

I CAN'T WATCH. *Closes eyes* *Opens one eye* *Covers with flipper*


After that, you're done! You've completed the adventure, and get some new customisable options, coins, and XP points, meaning that you'll level up!

I really hope you enjoyed this guide.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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