Paying For In Game Memberships: Don't Use Google Play Gift Cards!

Hi Penguins,

A member of the community got the below response after asking whether Google Play gift cards can be used to purchase Club Penguin/ Club Penguin Island memberships.

Thank you Flippy for allowing me to use this image

According to the Google Play Gift Card® LimitationsItems ineligible for purchase using Gift Card include ... certain subscriptions.

If you do get memberships for either game through Google Play® store, may I suggest getting a pre paid debit card that you load when needed. According to my knowledge, no personal details are associated with the debit card when used in transactions... But don't quote me on that! No Google Play gift cards are involved in that method, so I would say this is an alternative option to still be able to purchase memberships through the Google Play® store.

Google Play Gift Card is a trademark of Google Inc.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.



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