Introduction to Club Penguin Island

Hello Penguins,

Here is an introductory guide to Club Penguin Island. In this quest, you are introduced to Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, and some of the many features of the game.

Make sure that you have the app downloaded.

Also keep the following in note;

To begin, login!

You'll start off on the Migrator, greeted by Rockhopper himself! Tap on the dialogue once you've read it to move onto the next.

Rockhopper is in trouble! It's now your job to save him.

Waddle over to the cannon, and click the "!".


You will then see Aunt Arctic. Swim over to her once the screen cuts back to you into the water. Tap to continue the chain of dialogue.

You will then be greeted with this screen. I recommend screen saving it. #MEMORIES

From there you will get some rewards, IF you preregistered.

Follow the onscreen instructions to choose your penguins' colour. Grey, lime green, white, be whatever colour you want!

Continue tapping once you've read the onscreen dialogue.

It's time for you to begin your first task! Follow the arrows along the sides of the screen to find the wood.

Piece one found!

Second piece found!

The third and final piece found!

Collect the item. After all, we don't want the mighty migrator to sink, do we?!

Head back to the Migrator and reach Captain Rockhopper.

Continue to go through the dialogue once you've read it.

Click the last button from the actions toggle, and hammer away at the leaks!


Claim your reward.

Rockhopper will then go on to give you your starter kit continue talking... Uhh...

Make your way to Coconut Cove, and use the Zipline to reach your lost gift! Make sure to get close enough to it to click the "!".

Collect your starter kit!


Make your way back to the boardwalk, and continue to tap the screen after reading the dialogue.


Collect your kit. Although you have no choice but to.

Aunt Arctic will then bring us to a tutorial on how to use the Clothing Customiser, and how to get to that!

Aunt Arctic will continue on with the dialogue and give us a glimpse into the next challenge.



Stay tuned for more quests and everything Club Penguin Island... CONTENT OVERLOAD COMING!!!



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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