Fantastic Feature: Collecting and trading items

Hi Penguins!'

Club Penguin Island is jam packed full of items that you can collect... The best thing about them, though, is that you can trade them in for coins to spend on designing clothes, and at stores scattered around the island!

Some rooms have many of these collectables, with one type scattered plentifully across two areas, while another can be sparsely found across the top layer of an airless space. 

At the Beacon Boardwalk, you can collect flowers by walking up to them and pressing the orange button. The special thing about them is that when you do this, they release a burst of confetti... How cool is that?!


After that, like all other items you collect, they get added to your stash of collectables.

Other items you can collect include seaweed in the cold water enclosed by the boardwalk as well as coins which are scattered in nooks and crannies around the boardwalk. Going past them adds them to your collection.

Who knew seaweed could become in such high demand amongst penguin collectors?!

Nothing makes Klutzy smile more than the the cling of coins... Apart from Herbert's presence?!

Shells can be collected too by going up to them throughout the boardwalk.

Waddle over to Coconut Cove, and you can collect more items!

Scattered throughout the cove are again Shells, which are the most common collectible found on any land surface to date! Going past them adds them to your collection.

You can also collect coconuts. Waddle up to a tree with brown ovals (these are coconuts), and press the orange action button that lights up in the bottom right flipper corner. Every time you do this you can collect 3 coconuts, by picking up what feel from the trees.

Is there a coconut drink I can make from these?! 

As always you can collect coins by walking up to them.

Enter the Sea Caves to go on a magical journey of collecting crystals! These are the most common items found in the caves.

Grab some pearls by snatching them off clams. A tip to getting the pearls is to stay a little bit of a distance from the clams like so.

When they open up, quickly pass them by using the dash button in the bottom right corner.


Going to the rarest collectables in the game so far, brain coral is found close to the entry to the Sea Caves.  Swim up to them, press the orange button and ta-da! You've collected the coral.

There is also another type of crystal to collect... With triple the crystals for each collection, there's triple the fun to be had getting them! There are fewer of these found than the single variant, and they can be found in the Party Submarine, and Crab Den. Coins can also be collected throughout the space, in mid water or in treasure chests which can be accessed by pressing the orange action button when near them.

Who taught the crabs to hoard such treasure?!



For some reason, the popup for collecting the coins from came up as I was leaving the space I collected them from.

Ohhh MORE treasure TRY TO STOP ME KLUTZY! Wait is that even Klutzy?!



As the day comes to a close you have a full stash of items/ collectables ready to be exchanged.

Waddle over to the Exchange by the Welcome Plaza in the Boardwalk to exchange your hard earned items for coins!

Tap Trade IN ITEMS.



Ta-da! collect your hard earned coins.

What will YOU spend your hard earned coins on?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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