Club Penguin Island Geo Beta: Don't Input Credit Card Information!

Hi penguins,

Many of us living or not living in Australia and New Zealand have accessed Club Penguin Island's Geo Beta. Some of us have also imputed credit card information for the purchase of a membership.

If you are reading this and have done the above two things, I highly recommend that you continue reading. Everyone else should too. After all, you've opened up the post at the sacrifice of a few megabytes!

A member of our community got this response for their queries from Club Penguin Island support in regards to the topics mentioned above.

Thank you Captain J153 for allowing me to use this image

The Club Penguin Island Geo Beta is only available for Australian and New Zealand residents, strictly speaking. As this is a beta, putting in credit card information for membership purchases can bug the geo beta and cause you to be charged extra money due to different currencies and exchange rates.

If you are using a credit card for Club Penguin Island's Geo Beta, STOP! If you are not from Australia or New Zealand and are playing the game, going by the above information, problems can be created for the test...



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