Penguin of the Week: Scalesm

Hello Penguins,

Megg has published this week's POTW onto the What's New Blog...

Hi, penguins!
Scalesm was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by, OwengranApenguin22Jakem2243Cassy3840Taco8818Macy LizardPeach2432 and Jmwarrior135!
Here are their nominations:
"Congratulations Guitargirrl on POTW!!! I'd like to nominate my good friend Scalesm for Penguin of the week because he is the greatest friend anyone could ask for. He always knows how to cheer me up if I've had a bad day, or make me laugh so hard that i have a headache! He really deserves this!!! :)"
"Hello, today I would like to nominate my BFF Scalesm! Scalesm made the last few days I have spent on Club Penguin AMAZING!!! He showed me so many things and had great energy while doing it, and he also showed me how to play card jitzu when I skipped sensei's dialog! That's why I think he should win!"
"Hoi! Today I would like to nominate my bff Scalesm! Scalesm is my bff when I started playing and he also helped me to hard stamps! He showed me amazing mixes on the sound studio and is an amazing DJ! I hope every one can have someone like him! He makes a bad day good and a good day better! That's it"
"Hia! I would like to nominate Scalesm for the next POTW! Scalesm is really nice and tried to nominate me, but I didn't win. Scalesm is really kind and always gives out a helping hand! He helped me with stamps and many other things. Those are the reasons why I think he should be penguin of the week!"
"Congrats Guitargirrl! I would like to nominate Scalesm to be the next POTW! He is really nice and always cheerful! When I first started playing Club Penguin he helped me by showing me everything and helping me with stamps! He is super inspiration to me and hope he gets POTW! That's all good luck!"
"Bravo Guitargirrl! I would like to nominate Scalesm for POTW. He is an amazing penguin. He helps and guides new pengs and has helped me get many stamps! Thank you! Ps Plz post! Tyvm Be Happu!"
"Congratulations Guitargirrl! I would like to nominate Scalesm because he is so funny and cheery, He really is awesome!"
"Hello! Today I would like to nominate my friend Scalesm! He is a really awesome Penguin to meet on the game, and I've also met him before in game too. He's very friendly, very happy all the time, and he really likes to have fun! He showed me how to play Card Jitsu! Everyone vote Scalesm for POTW!!!!"

Congrats, Scalesm!
Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team



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