Mascot Madness: G Billy

Hello Penguins!

Here is a little bit of info on G Billy, one of the four members of the Penguin Band. I was able to interview him and ask him a couple of questions...

What is your name? My name's G Billy.
What is your occupation? I am one of the founding members of the Penguin Band. Woot!
What instruments can you play? I play the drums. Like literally. Thats all.
Knock knock. Sighs. I seem to be there target for all of Petey K's jokes... I think you are.
Any facts you would like to leave to your fans? I caught the first mullet and threw it back in the water. Amazing. Oh! I may or may not believe in luck and superstitions...
That was interesting!

Here is his current player card;

Well, that was interesting!

Here is G Billy's current player card. Make sure to wave a flipper (or a WOODEN drum stick) if you manage to catch him! 



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