Happy National Coffee Day!

Hello Coffee Lovers!

... Whether you prefer a cuppa tea, a hot chocolate, a cappuccino, National Coffee Day celebrates the lot... Well, that's how I think of it at the least!

Anyway, Club Penguin tweeted this on their Twitter Account...

This is a Project Super Secret sneak peek which will be analysed by mwa.

Here can be seen some coffee popups. Clearly one penguin loves their hot chocolate way more than another! We can see a lot of penguins in outfits, and that icon on the far left has been visible in many PSS sneak peeks.... Maybe it is a quest interface? The location appears to be next to Rockhopper's ship the Migrator, and those paintings on the rocks...

Penguins indulge on their supply on hot chocolate... Mmm chocolate... Err... We capture the customary moment of coffee drinking! Penguins are putting the mugs to their beaks and indulging the warmth the beverage has given them. Just look at those smiles on their beaks! It also seems you get rewarded for drinking too.

How was the coffee penguins? The penguins give their beverages a rating of a smiley face! Not sure about that crab in the corner though. He doesn't look too happy...

Well, I best be off to my hot chocolate!



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