Fun Things To Do At The Halloween Party!

Hello Penguins!

I caught up the Gary for his top tips of activities to do at this spooktacular party!

  • Use the Monster Maker at the Beach to transform. It isn't everyday that you get to transform into a monster!

  • Trick or Treat. Hope for Treats because you wont be getting a full basket if everyone does tricks!

  • Buy a tombstone at Deadsvile. It's all hot property!

  • Make some potions at the cove. Be a witch for a day!

  • Howl at the ledge. Even if that means doing it the wrong way...

  • Play some hockey at the rink... With a twist!

  • Swim in the slime pool at outside the Vampire School. Who knows what's in it!

  • Enlighten your brain with some education from the Vampire School. Not sure of wolfs like education though...

What do you have to add to this this? I would love to hear your suggestions!



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