11th Anniversary Party Review

Today I will be reviewing the 11th Anniversary Party. It will be reviewed upon these categories… Visual Design, Content and Storyline. Please note that a lot of my opinions are in this post, and you don’t have to agree with them.

Visual Design: 8/10
There are two decorated rooms at this event, the Town and Coffee Shop. They were both fin-tastically decorated, in red, yellow and orange, and although the room's decorations were similar to those of previous anniversary parties, they were still awesome in my opinion!

Content: 8/10
This event had 2 items to collect, the 11th Anniversary Background and Hat. You could also meet Aunt Arctic at the event, collect her giveaway background, and role play. Examples of that include eating cake, drinking juice, and being a waiter serving both!
Storyline: 9.5/10
This event had been mentioned in the Club Penguin Times before it's arrival, and on the official Club Penguin blog... But seriously, excluding last years', what anniversary party needs a proper story line?! NONE!

Glitches: 9/10
This event had no glitches. The only thing I could critique here is that the 11th Anniversary Hat and Background were made available on the interface a day before the actual party.
The total score of this event is 34.5/40, which is 86%. A fin-tastic result!


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