Recap: Megg Monday: September 26, 2016

Hi Penguins,

Here is a recap for today's Megg Monday meetup. 

I would usually do a Picture Collage for one of these meetups, but there is so much to get through in this recap and a collage would just not cover it!

Here are the highlights of the meetup...

In the town

DJ Store's Igloo


Annagirl100's Igloo


Rosie0228's Igloo

Now, time for.. What did Megg say?

Project Super Secret:

Penguin names will transfer and there will be no newspapers. The Beta testing is also set to take place within the next few months.

Halloween Party:

Skip will not return for the annual event. What was in the newspaper was a trick, according to Megg. Gary will also be visiting  the island during the party.

Anniversary Party:

Aunt Arctic will be visiting the island during the event

Music Jam:

The Penguin Band will be performing at the Ice Berg and will be visiting mascots. There will also be no member exclusive rooms and the night club will be decorated.

Holiday Party:

Rockhopper will be visiting the island during the party.

Jan. 2016:

There will be  a new party for January!


Megg calling my name out and praise! :D

 Well, that wraps it up for the recap!



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