Fun Things To Do At The Frozen Fever Party!

Hi Penguins!

I managed to catch up with Elsa for an interview for her top tips of what to do at this icy-cool party!

  • Catch up with Captain Rockhopper! There are still times to meet up with him... Even though they are go-ing away faster than Elsa can say Let It Go!

  • Build an Ice Place! The furniture catalog has lots of items to make one... or two... or three! Of course, none will ever be a great as mine!

  • At the same time, why not dress like me? Start an Elsa parade!

  • After a while, you'll surely meet some resistance. Then battle it out for the best dressers at the Cove!

Um... Err... We had to cut the interview there... That's all she had to say.

What do you have to add to this this? I would love to hear your suggestions!



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