Show Us Your Frozen Inspired Outfits and Igloos!

Hi Penguins,

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Hi penguins,
It is FREEZING in here. Yep, I am definitely FROZEN. Luckily, I know what to do about this—choose a new style! Here's what I've tried out:

  • Anna's Coronation Dress with Oaken Shoes. Or the Troll Cape with Oaken Shoes. Or Elsa's Ice Queen Dress with Oaken Shoes. Is there anything Oaken Shoes don't go with!?
  • The Sven Costume. Because I want to see if they serve reindeer in the Coffee Shop.

Home decor:
  • A snow castle decorated with TONS of lava lamps. Cause snow and lava... it's ironic, right? It's ironic! ...hello? ....anybody?
  • Set up penguin ice sculptures that represent each of your friends. Now it's like they're always there! Um... but seriously, it's time to go home, guys. I will melt you with this lava lamp.

What Frozen styles have you been rocking? Send us screenshots of your awesome Frozen outfits and igloos HERE! We'll be posting some of our favorites before the party ends.
Waddle on,
-The Club Penguin Team
Well, I best get started on my outfit and igloo!



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