Fun Things To Do At The Finding Dory Party!

Hi Penguins!

I recently organised an interview with Dory for last week, but she subsequently forgot about it, delaying the delivery of this post.

Nevertheless, I managed to catch up with her yesterday at the Marine Life Institute to ask her for her list of fun things to do at the party...

  • Meet Club Penguin's Rookiest Mascot, Rookie! He's only here for the party... I think.

  • Swim. With more water then ever on the island, make the most of the new swimming environments that have arrived.

  • Visit The Marine Life Institute. Learn more about the heritage of some of the most famous fish on the island.

  • Dress Up! There is no better time to dress up like Dory during the party celebrating... Umm... Me?!

That's all Dory had to say.

What do have to add to this this? I would love to hear your suggestions!



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