Frozen Fever Party 2016: Rockhopper Meet-Up Times

Hello Penguins,

Megg has posted some Rockhopper meetup times on the What's New Blog!

Ahoy, mateys!
Word in the Book Room is, Cap'n Rockhopper be taken a wee break from his adventures on the 7 and a half seas. (He mentioned something about too many stinky cheese fondue parties with Yarr... we didn't ask for details.)
You can be meeting our sea-loving swashbuckler at the following times:
Friday, August 19
10:00 AMChinook
Sunday, August 21
3:00 PMWool Socks
Wednesday, August 24
10:00 AMCloudy
Saturday, August 27
3:00 PMRainbow
Tuesday, August 30
10:00 AMCozy
Friday, September 2
3:00 PMSherbet
Monday, September 5
10:00 AMCrystal
Remember! These times be in Penguin Standard Time, the Clock Tower be your best bet for finding the correct time.
Fair winds! 
-Club Penguin Team
I will definitely be going to some of these fin-tastic meetups!

What about you?



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