Zootopia Party Review

Today I will be reviewing the Zootopia Party! My review will be based upon six categories; Visual Design, Storyline, Content, Music, Replay, and Glitches. Each category is worth 10 points. The combined total will be out of 60, and then a percentage will be calculated. Please remember that the review reflects my opinions, and you don’t have to agree with them!

Visual Design: 8.5/10 
Out of the 40 rooms Club Penguin has to offer, 8 were decorated over the course of the party.  Each room that was decorated represented the places in the film perfectly, and these were incorporated into Club Penguin quite well. 
Storyline: 4/10 
The party was revealed to us suddenly... There were no hints pointing towards a Zootopia Party. The party was brought to our attention through Megg's announcement, as well as a newspaper article, which was great to see. Club Penguin probably had a lot of requests for this party, and it was also great that they listened to them.

Content: 4/10
Over the course of the party, there were 14 items to collect, all for members. Although non members missed out on collecting the items, I am sure they enjoyed all the decorated rooms, and role playing in them.

Music: 10/10
The music in each room was good. There were some new tracks as well, so that was good too.
Replay: 2.5/10 
After collecting the items and viewing the decorated rooms, there was not much to do... Apart from role playing. At least we got a new dose of content half way through the party. Let us not forget that Club Penguin is working very hard on Project Super Secret as we speak. We should be grateful for what they have given us.
Glitches: 10/10
I noticed no glitches at this party. So for this category, it's a 10 from me!
Overall, this years Zootopia Party was great, yet heavily based around role playing.

The combined total is 39.5/60. This is also 66%. A solid result.
Well, that wraps it up for the review of the Zootopia Party! Did you enjoy it? As always, comment below!


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