YOU DECIDE: Project: Super Secret Customizable Clothing Templates

Hello Penguins,

Spike Hike has today posted a You Decide... (It's about Project: Super Secret!)

Hey Penguins!
Last time I was on the blog, we chatted about new app currently available in Australia and New Zealand called Mix. Today, I want to bring it back to Club Penguin, and share with you something I'm super excited about!
Ever since I started working on Club Penguin, we've wanted to give our community the ability to customize the clothes and items you wear. As you've seen in previous sneak peeks, Project: Super Secret is going to deliver on that, and more. The best part? We'd like your help coming up with items you'd like to be able to customize in the clothing customizer!
But first! Check out how I look in my sweet new 3D threads:

Now it's your turn. Let us know in the comments below what items you'd like to have customizable in Project: Super Secret.
And as always, make sure you stay tuned in to the blog. Next month's sneak peek will feature a new take on serving hot chocolate and coffee on the island!

Until next time... Waddle on!
-Spike Hike
I would love to have customisable hoodies, glasses... and wigs!

And next months sneak peek sounds awesome! ... And tasty!

Do you agree?



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