Unlock Item Codes Have Expired!

Hello Penguins,

I have got some news...

Is it about Rookie's rubber ducky? No.

What about Megg's adventures as a squid? No.

What about how Aunt Arctic is... Nope. Don't even mention it. That's for another post. ;)

I'm outta luck. Okay, I'll just tell you!

All free unlock item codes given out by Club Penguin have expired!

When you type in any free unlock item code to redeem, it comes up with the message below, meaning that it has expired.

I know that a few of the free unlock item codes had expired ages ago, but now all of them have.

Coin codes still work...

I would like to point out once more that the expiry only affects free item codes given out by Club Penguin... For example; GOOOOOAL, Superfan Hat. Reusable codes that can be used by everyone, basically. Coin codes, or codes that come with memberships, are not affected by this, to my knowledge.

If you would like to redeem some reusable coin codes, please visit this page of my site. They are reusable, and all penguins have access to these. They have been released by Club Penguin as well.

To unlock item codes, visit this post!

Thank you Adasi for telling me about this!

 I would love to hear your opinions on this below, and don't hesitate to ask me any questions on this!



Here was Club Penguin's response about the matter...


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  1. Codes from the earlier days until now? I think the team are trying to come up with newer ones. Maybe...

    1. From what I know, every single free item code, given out by Club Penguin, has expired. And who knows, the team might have something similar in the works for us...


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