Top 6 Puffle Activities to do Before the Puffle Party Ends

Hi Penguins,

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Hi penguins,
Looking for the perfect pet activity now that the Puffle Party is extended? There's a list for that.
6. Puffle course
Run through the obstacle course at the Stadium with your puffle. Speed counts but so does style, so throw in some tricks along the way.
5. Take your puffle to school day
There are two chairs per desk at the School for a reason. Maybe your brown puffle can help you with math!
4. Puffle check-up
Are your puffle's teeth shiny? Hair smooth? Tongue covered in a nice sheen of saliva? Head to the vet station in the Lighthouse to ensure your puffle is in tip-top shape!
3. Stare thoughtfully into the distance
Even the most excitable puffles love to look out at the island we call home. Plus you'll both look really deep as you gaze off.
2. Puffle play time
Get active with your puffle. Go for your best score in Pufflescape!
AHHHH! I'm late for my penguin-puffle yoga session at the Beach!!! Could you guys finish the list for me in the comments?!
-Club Penguin Team
Will do, Megg!

1. Take your puffle for some hide-and-seek

Play some hide-and-seek with your puffle around the island! Trust me, it's total fun!



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