Club Penguin Discontinuing Membership Cards

Hello Penguins,

I have got some news...

Is it about -- No.

What? No.

What about how -- Nope. Don't even mention it. That's for another post. ;)

I'm outta luck. Okay, I'll just tell you!


Club Penguin is discontinuing membership cards!

Club Penguin will no longer be making membership cards to sell in stores... Or in some cases, have already taken them off the market completely!

Thank you Madzom8ie for allowing me to use this image.

The email clearly states the reasons for the discontinuation of membership cards; They were costing a lot to make, and Club Penguin was not making enough profits from them to compensate for there manufacturing. As well as that, they were not great for the environment in terms of recycling options.

It also mentions that they can still be found from the shelves, which makes me question Game Stop's decision to take them off...

Whenever there is a thunderstorm, a rainbow will be around the corner. I am sure that that will be the case for this, although the thunderstorm has been going for a while, clearing for periods at a time.

Stay positive!

On another note, you can still redeem membership cards, as always!

If you are having trouble finding membership cards to buy in stores, you can always buy them online.

... As a recurring membership, or as a gift!



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