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Hi Penguins,

Megg has published a new post onto the What's New Blog...

Hi penguins,
The sasquatch is overwhelmed by your support. So many of you helped choose a name for him.
The results are in and the winning name is.........


Great choice, everyone! Now we have the answer to so many questions.
Who is that chomping down a giant fish cake? SAM!
Who is that wearing one of the fabled beta hats? SAM!
Who clogged the bathroom sink with a big hairball? SAM!
I kind of want to call him Sam-squatch. Let's congratulate Sam on his new name in the comments!
-Club Penguin Team
Woo! I voted for "Scruff", but still, YAY!

Now, for the rhyme?!

So is your name.
Jam on toast?
Ham in sandwiches?
Yes or no Sam.
Nor do you like Tim-Tams?
... Sam... Ham... Does Sam like green eggs and ham?



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