Puffle Spotlight: Grass-Hopper

Hi Penguins,

Megg has published a new post onto the What's New Blog...

HI penguins!
Some famous penguins have written in to celebrate the green rabbit puffle. Let's see what they said!

DJ Cadence: ur always bouncin high in the crowd when I sing Best Day Ever. Thx for being an AWESOME fan!!!
Aunt Arctic: I know I can sometimes be serious, but puffles like you remind me to have fun. You're so playful and bouncy!
PH: You're a top-notch discovery, mate!
Gary: Your boisterous nature has had a positive impact on the disposition of penguins everywhere!
Dot: I've heard that you might know how to translate crab. You ever consider working for an Elite organization?

Want to add your words to the list? You can do it in the comments below!
-Club Penguin Team
I wonder if there'll be a day celebrating me. :D

Wait, isn't that my birthday?



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