Puffle Spotlight: They Call it Yellow Stego

Hi Penguins,

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Hey penguins,
Okay, what do you think of when you think of dinosaurs?
Big teeth? Scary snarl? Bad breath?
How about creative genius? It might not be what you expect, but that's exactly what the yellow stegosaurus puffle is!

These puffles were ahead of their time when it came to art... which isn't too hard when your time is millions of years ago. While everyone else was smearing berries on tree bark, yellow stegoraurus puffles were making amazing cave art!
Most of these masterpieces were lost to time, but that doesn't mean they can't make more. We've seen some really "creative" chalk drawings on the Mine walls.
They might not make the next Mona Lisa, but they'll have a great time trying!
-Club Penguin Team


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