Project: Super Secret Update!

Hello Penguins,

Megg has posted another Project: Super Secret sneak peak onto the What's New Blog...

Hi Penguins!
Ready for another look into the Club Penguin part of Project: Super Secret? The team's been working super hard finalizing some of the features, and I've got an update for you!
But first, remember way back in July of 2015 when we started sneak peeking P.S.S? Well here's another look at a pretty close to final version of the clothing customizer:

I could seriously spend all day creating new outfits!
On another note, some of you have heard rumors that in the future, Club Penguin may be a mobile-only app. Right at this very moment, the team is thinking and planning and waddling and talking about all the options—we're not ready to say for sure what platforms it'll be on—but we always take into account our community.
Because after all, we wouldn't be where we are today with the best community ever now would we?
We'll have more information for you each month, so stay tuned to the blog!
And as always, waddle on :D
-Club Penguin Team
Here is the video...

That video was awesome!

I am also glad that Club Penguin has left its options open as to what platform the game will be on in the future...

I cant wait for the monthly updates! Can you?



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