Operation: Tri-umph Review

Today I will be reviewing Operation: Tri-umph! My review will be based upon six categories; Visual Design, Storyline, Content, Music, Replay, and Glitches. Each category is worth 10 points. The combined total will be out of 60, and then a percentage will be calculated. Please remember that the review reflects my opinions, and you don’t have to agree with them!

Visual Design: 7/10 
Over the course of the party, five rooms were decorated; The Snow Forts, Town, Plaza, Mall and Pizza Parlor; with the addition of the Cave Maze rooms, being brought back from the Cave Maze Party last year. All the rooms had the right mix of decorations... Not to big, but not to small either. The only disappointing factor is that only five rooms were decorated, though this is probably all due to Project Super Secret, which will hopefully be launching sometime this year!  
Storyline: 7/10 
This party could not have had a better story line, linking back to November's last year. This storyline cleverly covered Herbert's plans, although Herbert always has lots of these, doesn't he? The only disappointing factor was the ending. A congratulations from the Director and a few items. Big whoop. ...And defeating Herbert... DON'T PULL THE PLUG! Really? Don't make it obvious. It ruins all aspects of fun.

Content: 4.5/10
New content was unlocked every week, through out the course of the party. Along with the challenges which were unlocked, 6 items were able to be obtained each time... Some of these were reused items, so only new players would benefit from this. Going into the "challenges", they were utterly... useless. The items were obtainable before completing the challenges, so what was the point of completing the "task"? Were they even challenges? What was the point having them on the interface, if they did nothing? Alert you? I am left clueless with the descriptions, then.

Music: 10/10
The music was fun, catchy, and fit its purpose.
Replay: 6/10 
After completing the "challenges" unlocking weekly, there was nothing to do; At least Club Penguin kept the ability to have your penguin tiny in the Town, the dance floor in the Snow Forts, and the black and white rooms in the Plaza... But you couldn't go around to all those rooms and enjoy them, for three weeks, some of them!
Glitches: 9.5/10
There were no glitches present at this party, that I was aware of.
Overall, Operation: Tri-umph was great, and a new, great party that we would all have some-what enjoyed.

The combined total is 44/60. This is also 73%. A solid result.
Well, that wraps it up for the review of Operation: Tri-umph! Did you enjoy it? As always, comment below!


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