Layoffs at Club Penguin - More Information

Hello Penguins,

TechVibes has some more information in regards to the layoffs I posted about yesterday...
A voice from inside the studio tells me that it’s due to the new direction of one of their biggest projects.
Could they be talking about Project Super Secret here?

Further down the article, more evidence shows that this might be the case...
The studio claims to be working on a new Club Penguin, one primarily in 3d, which has led to the departure (desired or otherwise) of the majority of their 2d art team.
It’s said that Club Penguin 2 (not the actual name) is being developed for Mobile, as more and more kids have access to the tiny devices. Which is understandable. The monetization regime of mobile games is usually far more user-friendly when compared to it’s PC counterpart.
So lots of employees who were doing the 2D art for the game were let off... If they are laying off employees now, does this mean that Project Super Secret is not to far around the corner?

Is it possible that Club Penguin will be coming a mobile exclusive game only?

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.



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