Puffle Spotlight: Brilliant in Brown

Hi Penguins,

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Hi penguins!
The 2011 Wilderness Expedition was an EPIC SUCCESS, thanks to the discovery of the brown puffle! That made it one of PH's FAVORITE parties!

These brainy balls of cute are some serious smarty-pants. There's even a rumor that they invent some of the EPF's top gadgets. I guess Gary isn't the only genius on the island!
The brown puffles love the idea of space flight and were SUPER EXCITED to see a UFO. They never miss a chance to hang out with their alien puffle pals!
Do any of you have a brilliant brown puffle? I'd LOVE to hear about them in the comments below!
-Club Penguin Team
I do have a brilliant brown puffle! Smarty does all my maths and science homework!



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