Orange You Glad We Didn't Say Box Dimension?

Hi Penguins,

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Hello penguins,
What's the ZANIEST puffle of all?
These are high energy puffles who can dominate a hula-hoop contest... even though they eat the hula-hoop afterwards! If you can keep up with their rocket-powered wagon, you'll have a ton of fun!
Orange puffles really love the Box Dimension and are right at home in it. Some penguins say they've seen them enter the Box Dimension WITHOUT A BOX! Is that even possible?!
What do you guys think? Is there a strange connection between orange puffles and the box dimension?
Let me know in the comments below.
-Club Penguin Team
There is a strange connection between orange puffles and the box dimension... It's there home land... DIMENSION!



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