Mission 9: Operation: Spy & Seek

  • Click on G.
  • Pick up the three transmitters, the deflated duck, and G's plans for a kite; and put them into your inventory.
  • Go to the Plaza, and when required, help the penguins by clicking on the gum between them. Make sure to ask them for the gum, and combine that with the deflated duck in your inventory.
  • Go to the Ski Lodge, and help the penguins find the counters for there game of Find Four. The locations of the counters are on the windowsill, on the stool below the old telephone, on the ladder leading to the Lodge Attic, and up there, behind the rocking horse, on the table with the typewriter, on the table beside that (with the old music player), on the crate beside the lamp, and between the two chairs on another crate. While doing so, look for a piece of string sticking out from under the carpet... Place that into your inventory, along with all the 8 clumps of counters... Remember to give all the counters to the penguins downstairs! 
  • Go to the Dock, and help the penguin with the boat issues (Click and move the brown handle up). Make sure to ask for the pump, and put it into your inventory.
  • Go to the Ice Berg and combine the deflated duck with the pump in your inventory. Keep clicking the pump, until the duck is fully inflated. Next, combine it with a transmitter and place it out into the waters.
  • Go to the Mine Shack, and give Rory a helping flipper. For the first task, move the blocks so the end result is this...
  • For the second task (Tell Rory you have time), click on the mask and welder. Click and hold, going over the cracks.
  • After the second task, place a transmitter into the repaired Mine Cart, then click it to send it away! 
  • Go to the Forest, and look for a stick on the ground... Place it into your inventory.
  • Go to Ski Hill, and combine G's plans, the stick, the string and final transmitter in your inventory to make a kite. Place this onto the pole in the room.
  • Return to HQ, speak to G, and take the Binoculars 3000... Place them into your inventory.
  • Go to the Ski Lodge and head through the Gone Fishing door to get to the Ice Fishing pond. Next, click on the binoculars in your inventory, scroll right into the distance... and click!
  • When G gives you the orders, head out into the distance
  • Pick up the lost Spy Phone, and combine it with the Binoculars 3000. Next, place this new combination of items into the first tree, right of the path you came from.
  • Head back to HQ, ans speak to G.
  • Collect your medal and reward!


Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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