Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors

  • Talk to G.
  • Go to the Dock. When Herbert and Klutzy leave, grab the lantern and follow the sheets of paper into the Town.
  • Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin behind the counter. Pick up the cookies, and take one for yourself. Then go to the HQ, into the Gadget Room, and take (put into your inventory) the brown hat behind Gary, and the hammer on the wall. Lastly, go back to the Town, give the green puffle the hat, then the cookie, and finally click on the map piece once the puffle retrieves it. Pop it into your inventory!
  • Waddle down into the Snow Forts and click on the flying piece of paper. 
  • Go to the Plaza and speak to the penguin with the newspaper. Ask him if he is in line for The Stage, and then pop into into the Pizza Shop to order a double meat pizza with extra gray fish from the chef. Remember to pop it into your inventory. Go back to the Plaza and click on the same penguin you did before with the pizza in hand (from your inventory).When the penguin asks "Is there anything I can do for you in return?", ask for his newspaper, and pop it into your inventory. 
  • Connect both pieces of paper and head to the Gadget Room. Click on the super helium and then ask Gary if you can take it. Pop it into your inventory.
  • Go to the beach to get a net beside the lighthouse, then enter it (The Lighthouse) to take a barrel of cream soda and a balloon. Lastly, go to the Winter Sports Shop, and take some pegs. Remember to place them all into your inventory.
  • Go to the Dock, and into the tunnel, Turn your lantern on, and use the piece of paper to make your way through the tunnels, which is different for everyone. When you arrive at the underground, sunken, Gift Shop, click on the cream soda in your inventory and shake it up using your mouse until it looks like it's ready to explode. Place it underneath the door of the Gift Shop and watch as it pushes it above ground. Quickly go above ground and place the net, pegs (use hammers) and balloon (use the helium) onto the Gift Shop. In the same order.
  • Once again, enter the tunnels from the Dock, and go past the Gift Shop. Click on the Spy Phone from your inventory, the blinking light, the wrench, and then the gear within the open blue panel. Place that gear into your inventory! Then enter what seems to be the Boiler Room, where the bright light is coming from.
  • Fix the boiler.
  • After that, go to HQ, and before doing anything else, give G the gear... Click on the gear in your inventory, then G himself.
  • Collect your medal and reward!


Tomisino1 is a passionate blogger of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island since 2015 with over five years worth of experience throughout the game. Make sure to wave a flipper if you see him on our snowy island!

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