Mission 11: The Veggie Villain

  • Visit Rookie in the Gift Shop. Pick up the corn on the floor, place it into your inventory. 
  • Go upstairs to the Manager's office and speak to Jet Pack Guy. Pick up the corn under the desk there and place it into your inventory. 
  • Head to the Ski Village. 
  • Return to HQ. Please note that your Spy Phone is a bit "unusual" and "broken". 
  • After speaking to G, head outside to Ski Village. 
  • Talk to the sad brown penguin and offer to find a new lens for his glasses. 
  • Go to the Lighthouse and look under the piano... Put the DVD under there into your inventory. In the same room, look for a cloth and cleaner spray on a speaker behind the stage on your left. Combine this item with the DVD in your inventory... Spray the DVD a few times with the spray, then wipe it with the cloth... Once the DVD is cleaned, place it back into your inventory. 
  • In the same room, pick up the tin can beside the stairs leading up to the Beacon... Place it into your inventory. Fill it up with water at the Beach, then go to the Gadget Room and freeze it using the Test Chamber (Place it where it says too, press the red lever, the snowflake button, and then the red lever again afterwards). Once you have done so, place the ice (That fell on the floor) into your inventory. 
  • Head to the Beacon, and talk to the orange penguin. Give him the ice you just collected, and take the spare ice lens... Remember to place it into your inventory. 
  • Go to the brown penguin back at Ski Village and give him the lens you just picked up. 
  • Click the DVD player behind the projector screen. Click the button to insert a DVD, and place the DVD you got earlier into the DVD slot. Click the button once more. 
  • Click the DVD player again and use your wrench to open the sound panel on the right of your screen. 
  • Code cracking time! The solution is different for everyone. Click on the circles in the first row to choose different colours. When you have completed doing so, click the "Check!" button. Remember that a red circle means the colour and location are wrong, a yellow circle means the colour is correct but the location is wrong, and lastly a green circle means that the colour and location are correct. Go on to the second row using what you have just learnt with the colours around the circle for the first row, and so on. 
  • Once you finished cracking the code, go to the Mine Shack, then enter the corn field. Follow the trail of popcorn. 
  • When you get to a piece of paper, pick it up (And place it into your inventory), and then go down the path the paper was in front of. There are fours pieces to be found. 
  • At the last piece of paper, pick up the log as well, and pop it in your inventory. 
  • Combine the four pieces of paper together. 
  • Next, go to the Mine Shack using the map, and enter the corn field again. 
  • Follow the trail of popcorn once more, up until the watering can. 
  • Enter the paths that have these objects next to them for each for step in the trail: Watering Can, Seeds, Fertilizer, Hot Sauce and Coffee. For the second last step in the trail, place the log from your inventory onto the river, and cross it. Lastly, click on the seeds in your inventory and then on the torch on the right. Climb up the ladder. 
  • Unplug Herbert's computer. 
  • When you get transported back to HQ, after talking to Herbert and G, scroll to the right of the room and click on the orange book on the green cabinet. A circular contraption comes out from the cabinet to your right... Click it! 
  • To complete the puzzle, line up the colours by shifting the middle and inner rings. Grey pieces can be changed by clicking the colour next to or underneath them. After completing the puzzle, Dot will pop up. 
  • After the explosion, speak to Rookie, Dot and G.


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