Holiday Party 2015 Spoilers (Comment Flip)

Hello Penguins,

Spoiler Alert!

Looking on the blog comments of this post, Megg has replied to a lot of questions...

Confirmation: There will be a donation counter and 28 rooms decorated (desktop) at the Holiday Party!

Confirmation: The Crystal Puffle will return.

Confirmation: The Merry Walrus wont be walking around the island as a mascot.

Confirmation: The Merry Walrus will make some sort of appearance on December 25th (not a a mascot). Most likely to deliver the Crystal Puffles?

Confirmation: Members will be able to transform at the Holiday Party 2015.

Confirmation: The Club Penguin Support team are going to get A LOT of emails ;)

Confirmation: Megg made a mistake and fixed it.

Confirmation: The Bakery wont return this year as the team couldn't get the functiinality to work in time, that's why the Bakery in the first thumbnail was replaced with another.



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