Extreme Paint Festival Review

Extreme Paint Festival sign

Today I will be reviewing the Extreme Paint Festival mini event. It will be reviewed upon these categories… Visual Design, Content and Storyline. Please note that a lot of my opinions are in this post, and you don’t have to agree with them.

Visual Design: 8/10
Visual Design at this mini event, which is at the Dock,  is quite good. There are balloons, flags and paint splotches everywhere. There is also a giant piece of cloth covering something... With paint splotches on that.
Content: 2.5/10
This event had 0 items to collect, though you could throw paint around the room, and on the blank canvas, to create masterpieces! 
Storyline: 2.5/10
This event had been mentioned in the Club Penguin Times two weeks before its arrival. This event basically came out of  nowhere. Operation Crustacean is connected to this event.
Glitches: 10/10
This event had no glitches.
The total score of this event is 23/40, which is 58%. An okay-ish result!


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