Extreme Paint Festival Announcement

Hello Penguins,

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Hi Penguins!

Have you heard the news? The first Extreme Paint Festival is coming to Club Penguin! The event will be fun for all Ages!

not just any old colors will be used. this is going to involve a lot of pink, purple, yellow and even RED!

Stay ALERT because the paint will be flying! I bet You'll be loving the continuous gobs of paint tossed around.

Just one thing: please do not touch the canopy. It's very important that it stays intact!

I think I'll head to the Dock to check our this amazing fest! If you leave a comment with more information on this awesome event, I'll check it out as soon as I can!

Over and out... um, I mean... BYE!

-Club Penguin Team

If you haven't noticed, there is a secret message...

EPF Agent this is RED ALERT You'll be contacted with more information soon Over and out

I wonder what this means!



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