Discussion 14/11: Autographed Backgrounds

Hello Penguins,

Today's discussion will be about Autographed Backgrounds.

Since the first mascot, Rockhopper, gave away the first autographed background in 2007,  penguins around the island were excited to collect it for themselves. This started a chain reaction for when other mascots that appeared on the island gave away there autographed backgrounds. Backgrounds from mascots are always treasured, especially when they became rare.

Then in 2011, October 2011, you were given the ability to add mascots as friends. Later that month, Gary appeared on the island for the Halloween Party that year. Penguins were able to add him to there friends list, as well as to claim there background.

But due to this, you didn't have to meet mascots to get there background... If you had met them all ready and added them to your friends list, you could just go to that, click there player card, and collect there background from there. The fun of meeting mascots to get there autographed backgrounds was ruined.

And this is even more ruined because of the mascot meetup times that were starting to be posted onto the blog. There was no fun at finding the mascots yourselves because there were times for you! At first, this wasn't so bad, but then four meetup times for a mascot for day for one language started getting onto the blog posts, and... This made it absolutely, completely, utterly pointless to meet mascots again and again to collect there background.. We all know why now. Luckily now, there are only two mascot meetup times per day... Posted on the official Club Penguin Whats New Blog.. For each language... Usually. This seems fair.

Though this wasn't always the case. There have been guest mascots, such as CeCe and Rocky; and Brady and McKenzie, Kermit; and Merry Walrus, who have only appeared on the island, for a special event. The autographed backgrounds they have given away are now ultra rare for some. Unfortunately, Rocky and CeCe appeared during the Shake It Up: Music Jam of 2012 with no meetup times posted on the official Club Penguin Blog. They are the exclusion to this. Lets hope these guests all return soon.

To add to all this, quite recently, the frequency of new autographed backgrounds has declined. Old ones are reused for long periods of time, and just about every penguin has these; once rare items now. New ones are also created, and used, and stay like that for a few years... This was seen during the Anniversary and Halloween Parties this year... The backgrounds each mascot had... They had either been like that already for a year plus, or were old and reused. This excludes Dot, of course, as she only became meet able from August this year, and has had one autographed background for us to collect so far. Take Rookie for example. He had a Halloween Giveaway made in the new penguin design from the Halloween Party in 2013. It has not been used since. Why? This was the perfect opportunity for the background to be used.

So what can be done now? Club Penguin can make new autographed backgrounds, or be careful about what ones they reuse... Gary has a future background from May last year. Herbert has a space alike background from July 2013. Do you notice a pattern here? I'm talking about new penguin style autographed backgrounds that match the theme of a party that have never been reused. The theme for the mentioned backgrounds is future/space. It is okay to reuse an autographed background, once, an for a little while only, but not to an extent that it becomes available for a year! But have you also guessed the party that these autographed backgrounds match with? Operation Crustacean! This party has UFO's beaming up penguins into space... A new dimension! Do you see a a connection here?



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