Discussion 13/11: November 2015 Party Billboard

Hello Penguins,

For the last few years, Club Penguin updates the home page with a billboard image, advertising the latest party that will be hitting or that is currently hitting the island. Here is this months... It is advertising about Operation Crustacean coming in a weeks time.

1111 November Party Billboard

Right now, you may be wondering why I have posted about this. But look to the bushes in the billboard. There seem to be eyes sticking out of them. They remind me of puffles, with one eye, to be honest. And I think this because of the way they are positioned. A penguin isn't that short. Herbert cant bend down that low, and even more, Klutzy has a pair of eyes, not one.

Going back to the one eyed puffles, they have different colored eyes. Could this be a discovery of a new species... Alien puffles? How many different types will there be?

Only time will tell.



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