Mini-Game Music Fixes

Hello Penguins,

Club Penguin (Well, MeggBot specifically) has announced that they are going to be fixing some bugs!!

Hi Penguins!
Many of you have been asking when the music in our mini-games will be fixed, and have I got some great news for YOU! 
Over the next few months we'll be fixing the missing music to your favorite mini-games! Unfortunately these fixes aren't easy, so we're only able to do one at a time -- but soon you'll be able to enjoy sound in mini-games once again! :D 
Here's a list of the mini-games and the dates we hope to have the music fixed! Keep in mind these dates might be subject to change -- we'll keep you updated!  
* Card-Jitsu Water – October 21   
* Catchin’ Waves – October 28 
* Cart Surfer – November 4   
* Pizzatron 3000 – November 10 (Tuesday updates due to Canadian Holiday)   
* Thin Ice – November 18   
* Astro Barrier – November 25   
* Ice Fishing – December 2   
* Bean Counters – December 9   
* Hydro Hopper – December 16 
Speaking of mini-games... which one is your favorite and why? LEt us knOW in the coMMents! Waddle ON, -ClUb PEngEin TEam

Well, MeggBot STILL hasn't bEen fiXeD!

Error COde 431: Not $ource FOund.



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