Halloween Party 2015 Review

Today I will be reviewing the The Halloween Party 2015! My review will be based of six categories; Visual Design, Storyline, Content, Music, Replay, and Glitches. Each category is worth 10 points. The combined total will be out of 60, and then a percentage will be calculated. Please remember that the review reflects my opinions, and you don’t have to agree with them!

Visual Design: 8/10 
The Halloween Party 2015 had 28 decorated rooms. The 10th Anniversary Party this year had slightly more rooms decorated, but this is still a pretty good number. The unfortunate thing about these rooms is that most of them are from the previous two, or older for some, Halloween parties. At this party, Club Penguin has also taken into account the most asked for things at a party... Simple decorations! Unfortunately, I believe some of the rooms are just "too simple". An example of this is the Pizza Parlor. It has only four pumpkins with the sauce bottle replanced with another pumpkin. A lot more could have been done here. Why weren't the lights changed to pumpkins? Why wasn't the floor and tables given a new color scheme with some added decor (the tables)? Overall, the simple decoration rooms are the Pizza Parlour, Ice Rink, Dojo Courtyard, Dojo, Beacon, Lighthouse, Park and Puffle Hotel. The others were okay, but could have had a few more tweaks as well. The good and simple decorated rooms, at this party, in my opinion, are the arcade and pool.
Storyline: 10/10 
This party had a fabulous story line, which was well incorporated with the 10th Anniversary party. Hints were even given in the Club Penguin Times, but you had to pay some close attention to what has being said and what you could infer.
Content: 9/10
This years Halloween Party had a lot of content. Every day had content to complete, and it got harder each time. You had to collect an item that would "scare" the bot, and fix up its wires. The first part of the task was easy, while the second took a bit longer... But hey, it was fun! There was also a fun little activity where you could turn your self into a MascBot, at the beach.

Music: 9/10 
 The music at this party was great. They all suited there room. 
Replay: 8/10 
The replay value at this party, in my opinion, was good. There was a good amount of content, every day, that didn't require the simple task of throwing a snowball! Thank you Club Penguin for listening.
Glitches: 6/10
For this party, there was a glitch on the app, where the Puffle Guides badge was available on the app again, and all the tasks were unlocked, even the one where you defeat Herbert!
The combined total is 50/60. This is also 83%. An excellent result.
Well, that wraps it up for the Halloween Party 2015 review! Did you enjoy it? As always, comment below!


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