Halloween Party 2015 Guide - Rookie Bot and Herbot

Hello Penguins,

Today we will be defeating the FINAL mascbot and find out who was behind it all. I have enabled the "click to read more" feature for this particular post because there are A LOT of images!

The usual start...

Clicking "Go there" takes you to the plaza where Rookie Bot will be.

Click on the bot and rookie will tell you his fear... Clowns.  Find it around the island...

Gary loves giving clues, well, he spoils the party... sorta.

Go to the Arcade above the Dance Club. You will see the clown...

After clicking the clown, go back to the bot and click it!

Puzzle time... The second image is the solution to the puzzle.

Collect your... Oh! Looks like the bot isn;t scared of clowns... Oh wait... Its shutting down!

Just like the bot said, go to the Coffee Shop where the master mind's lair is. Thogh forst, collect your rewards.

Here is the villains lair... Under the tables where the Anniversary hat was placed.

HERBERT was the villain behind all of this!

Looks like Klutzy spotted me!

... It is also looking like the herbot has more control over Herbert...

FINALLY! Herbert is locked up! Though by another bot! Eek!

Gary comes through the computer screen and starts to speak!

Herbert isn't budging.

Looks like we have to overload Herbot ourselves.

Now... When Herbot lands where the burn mark is, use a snowball to hit the target on the green laser.

He will overload! Like Gary said...

Puzzle time! The second image below this is the solution. Be wise, penguins! The island fate is in your flippers.


Looks like the explosion opened up Herbert's cage... No!

They've escaped.

Prize time! Great work!

 This was an amazing Halloween Party with a great story line!



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