Discussion 9/10: An EPF Related Halloween Party 2015!

Hello Penguins,

From the title, you can probably get that I am hypothesizing that the Halloween Party 2015, occurring in less than a fortnight, will be an EPF related one.

Before I continue, my first argument to this hypothesize this is here, where the beach at the Halloween Party is revealed. There is a machine where penguins where can turn into robots, and robots can turn back into penguins. Sensei in the picture, is also looking... A bit haywire!

Now for my second argument... Which brings us to this weeks newspaper!

If you read the Ask Gary article above, you will notice that someone is asking about how Gary made his robots, like the ones around the island this anniversary party! That someone is Notta Bear! Seems familiar? No? Well, another way to look at the name is not a bear! Pretty obvious that they are a bear! And we only know of one bear... a polar bear around the island... Herbert!

So from my understanding, Herbert is building his own robots to take over the island. The end!



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