Discussion 1/10: Has the plot of the Halloween Party 2015 been revealed?

Hello Penguins,

As you may be aware of, there was a glitch with the Club Penguin app, this morning (six to seven hours ago). Though this glitch wasn't a normal one, like friends lists not loading, or not connecting to the server...

If you entered the school through the mine shack, you would get this...

What you see above is the beach for the Halloween Party 2015... An image I screen printed this morning.

Now its time for the analysis!

Firstly, Sensei has gone haywire... not normal. Possibly Herbert is involved in this. Also, there is some sort of "Robo Maker 3000" machine that allows penguins to turn into robot penguins, and vice versa. A robot penguin in the image is seen in the top right corner.

Well, that wraps it up for this discussion...What are your thoughts on this?



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